Fulford Certification

Independently certifying skilled workers to government standards since 2008.
Over 12,000 skilled workers in construction and human services throughout Western Canada hold a Fulford Certificate.

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12 Nov 2014RigID – Metro Van & Fulford's Rigging Partnership Following a request from Metro Van, Fulford updated the RigID system with inspection tags for all rigging including web and wire rope slings. more…


3 April 2014Rigging Brochures Two new brochures are available: RigID & Level 1 Rigging Fundamentals more…


25 March 2014Safety – Hazard Alert A new page dedicated to site safety and safe crane operations has been added. more…

RigID & Metro Van: upgraded tagging 2014


20 March 2013Training Videos Designed as an aid to training for crane operators as well as their employers and trainers. more…