Fulford Certification

Independently certifying skilled workers to government standards since 2008.
Over 12,000 skilled workers in construction and human services throughout Western Canada hold a Fulford Certificate.

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30 March 2015CraneSafe – Level B Application Form The Level B application form has been updated and it is no longer required to submit a Plan for Supervision. more…


3 April 2014Rigging Brochures Two new brochures are available: RigID & Level 1 Rigging Fundamentals more…


25 March 2014Safety – Hazard Alert A new page dedicated to site safety and safe crane operations has been added. more…


20 March 2013Training Videos Designed as an aid to training for crane operators as well as their employers and trainers. more…

12 Nov 2014RigID – Metro Van & Fulford's Rigging Partnership Following a request from Metro Van, Fulford updated the RigID system with inspection tags for all rigging including web and wire rope slings. more…

RigID & Metro Van: upgraded tagging 2014