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Types of Qualifications

Who is required to be CraneSafe certified in BC and Yukon?

All crane operators must be certificated to legally work in BC as of February 28th, 2011. There are several types of qualifications that are valid in British Columbia.

Crane operators must be certified for the type of crane they are operating. See the Table of Hierarchy for details.

Red Seal, BC Apprenticeships & Other Qualifications

If you already possess a BC crane operator certification you are not required to be assessed. This may include Red Seal.

Also included are BC apprenticeships for:

  • Mobile Crane Operator (Construction)
  • Hydraulic Mobile Crane Operator
  • Tower Crane Operator
  • Boom Truck Class A and B.

If you possess Canadian crane operator certification from outside BC, you must obtain BC certification before operating a crane in BC. You can apply for a BC Equivalency Certificate through BC Crane Safety.

MOBILE Crane Operators

BC Apprenticeship Qualifications
New operators can achieve a BC Apprenticeship Qualification (or ticket) by becoming an apprentice crane operator or by challenging the crane qualification for the type of crane they wish to operate.

Becoming an Apprentice
Learn the trade while working under the mentorship of skilled operators.
Each of the CraneSafe Certificates is matched to a BC Apprenticeship Qualification (ticket) for the same crane type.

- OR -

Challenging the Qualification
If you feel that you already have the skills to justify being awarded the qualification, you need to complete a Challenge Application form available from the ITA website.
The challenge process requires you to successfully complete a CraneSafe Certification assessment and write the ITA Challenge exam.

Details on becoming an apprentice and challenging the qualification are available on the ITA website at www.itabc.ca

TOWER Crane Operators

All Tower Crane operators must challenge the Tower Crane qualification as there is no Incumbent status for tower crane operators in BC (by industry request).

Tower Crane operators must have a minimum of 1,024 hours of experience documented in their log book. 500 of these hours must be rigging time. www.itabc.ca