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Training & Certification

Fulford offers three on-site overhead crane operator training and certification options:

  1. Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals training course and Certificate of Completion
  2. Overhead Crane Operator Certification
  3. Train-the-Trainer Certification
    (or organisations that want to deliver their own Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals training program)
Overhead Crane Operator training and certification

Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals Training Session
– 8 hours

$1,750 for up to 8 participants
($150 for additional participants, maximum class size 12)


  1. Overhead Crane Operator Manual
  2. Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals Certificate of Completion wallet card (no photo) – valid for 3 years

Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals

This course includes all basic overhead crane knowledge and practical skills including:

  • Common Overhead Crane Accidents
  • Cranes Types & Components
  • Overhead Crane Regulations
  • Hand Signals
  • Pre-Operational Inspections & Procedures
  • Overhead Crane Operation
  • Shut Down Procedures

Participants who complete the Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals course receive a Certificate of Completion.

Overhead Crane Operator Training and Certification

Overhead Crane Operator Certification

For those who want to become a certified Overhead Crane Operator, Fulford will deliver a theory and practical skills assessment. These assessments are based on the material included in the Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals training course.

Overhead Crane Operator Assessment – 2-3 hours

$400 per person


  1. Personal feedback from the Fulford Assessor
  2. Successful candidates receive the Overhead Crane Operator Certificate of Competence photo ID wallet card – valid for 5 years
  3. Overhead Crane Operator hardhat sticker

Theory Exam

Ten question written test covering:

  • Hand signals
  • Overhead crane components
  • Pre-Operation inspection
  • Lock out procedures
  • Overhead crane operation

Practical Assessment

Five assessment areas covering:

  • Hand signals
  • Engaging the disconnect
  • Pre-Operational inspection
  • Controlled overhead crane operation target course
  • Shut down procedures
Overhead Crane Operator training and certification

Overhead Crane Operator
Fundamentals Train-the-Trainer
– 8 hours

$1,700 for one-on-one orientation, assessment and accreditation


  1. One-on-one orientation to the program content and course delivery
  2. Assessment as an Overhead Crane Operator
  3. Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals Powerpoint Presentation and Manual
  4. Trainer Accreditation allowing you to order training packages from Fulford ($100) that include a manual and Certificate of Completion form so that your students receive a Certificate of Completion wallet card valid for 3 years once they have completed your course.


Train-the-Trainer accreditation must be renewed every 3 years.

In the case where accreditation has been expired for over one year, you will need to complete the program again.

Overhead Crane Operator Train-the-Trainer

For organisations that want to use Fulford's Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals material to deliver their own training program we offer a Train-the-Trainer option.

This program is designed for an individual with overhead crane operation experience who wants training and certification to offer the Fulford Rigging Fundamentals as an in-house training program and give the Certificate of Completion to participants.